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2 days ago-
Very satisfied with the service here, the practice is beautiful, looks like a recent remodel. Came here for myself but came back with the family. They staff is very nice and they are great with kids. Excellent family dentist! Clean, professional and they take their time. Would recomend to anyone!

 3 weeks ago

The staff is wonderful! My experience has always been great. All understanding, conversational people, always making me laugh while I'm there. Great attitudes (: Never had an issue since I've been going there for the past couple of years. So yeah, I would recommend people going to Metropolitan.


 3 months ago

I am so happy I found them! Clean, beautiful, friendly staff all the way! My previous dentist is no longer there so I will see a new one. Oh, hope I like him as much as Dr. Sysen(sp?) Plus, Meficaid accepted!

Kevin M

 2 weeks ago

I like the remodeling that was done on the office, the staff are very nice. I met Dr. Maatouk, she's really nice and caring.


The place is clean, professional and extremely nice and helpful. The Dr was thorough and the manager seemed very engaged in her patients care. They explained all my options even financial. I will definitely be returning to finish my dental work here


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